New Zealand’s newest terminal breed, fast growing with a high meat to bone ratio.

Charollais Sheep New Zealand

The Charollais is among New Zealand’s newest terminal sheep breeds. New Zealand Sheep Breeders Charollais Sheep NZ have developed the largest line of breeding rams and ewes for New Zealand conditions.

The extensive experience and technical knowledge within Charollais Sheep New Zealand is key to our success as Terminal Sire sheep breeders. As New Zealand’s largest developer of Charollais sheep genetics we can offer improved lamb growth rates and higher yielding lambs for commercial sheep farmers.

Charollais identified for superior meat to bone ratios

Extensive research shows Charollais sheep as a high yielding terminal breed producing superior meat to bone ratios. Crossing other breeds with the Charollais NZ line results in heavier and meatier lambs. Charollais sired lambs are capable of growing to heavier weights, and providing yield premiums from lambs killed in any weight range.

Wedge shape for ease of lambing make Charollais an ideal crossing sire

The wedge shape of Charollais lambs at birth offer advantages in ease of lambing, hence suitable to cross with all maternal breeds including small ewes, like Merinos and ewe hoggets.

Two tooth Charollais Ram
Two tooth Charollaie ewe
Charollais ewe lamb

Two tooth Charollais Ram

Ram 302/10 was purchased as the main semen sire for the 2012-13 AI seasons. He is very correct structurally, has excellent trait eBVs and represents the most suitable type for NZ.


Two tooth Charollais ewe

This Charollais ewe typifies the breed's wedge shape for easy lambing and the very heavy muscling in the high value loin and leg regions of the carcass.

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Charollais ewe lamb

This 8 month old ewe lamb exhibits the length and carcass conformation of this fast growing breed selected in a pasture only regime.


Rural Delivery

Episode 26, Series 10. Air date 30th August 2014

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Registered flock # 1 Charollais Sheep Genetics New Zealand

Registered flock # 1 Charollais Sheep Genetics New Zealand, an Incorporated Society under New Zealand Sheep Breeders Association.

Registered flock #1 Charollais Sheep Genetics New Zealand

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The 10th Annual Charollais Sheep NZ Ram Sale will be held at the Gore A&P Showgrounds commencing 1pm December 8th 2020. Approximately 90 rams will be offered ranging from Pures to half Charollais. A full sale catalogue will be on this website from late November 2020
Romney ewe hoggets in South Otago were mated to 7/8 Charollais lambs in 2016. The median lambing date was 14th October and all lambs weaned 101 days later.
Farmgene 3214/11 was the main sire used in 2013......
Charollais display at the Southern Field days in February 2014
The ewes artificially inseminated with imported Charollais semen lambed in late August/early September with good survival despite being subjected to stormy cold and wet southerly weather.......
Lamb survival in half Charollais lambs from 13 pure rams equivalent to Poll Dorset x Texel sires in Otago hills at 1000 ft asl.
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